Detox Consultations & Therapies

Detox Consultations & Therapies

A full consultation (or 30 min chat) with a certified level 2 Detoxification Specialist will allow you to understand your areas of weakness, and the detoxification steps to support your journey to health. A Detoxification diet with raw Fruits and Vegetables (juices, smoothies and salads) and lifestyle changes, are the most important part of Detoxification. The Herbals are a supplement to support your dietary changes.

Suggested reading for all detox, is 'The Detox Miracle Sourcebook' by Dr Morse nd

Helen - Dr Morse Herbs UK and Level 2 Detoxification Specialist

I established Dr Morse Herbs UK in 2014 to make Dr Morse's Herbs, easily accessable to clients and customers in the UK and Europe.​ We ship all the herbs from Painswick in The Cotswolds, UK. I am passionate about the benefits of detoxing, with raw food, fruits, juices and herbs.

am a certified level 2 Detoxification Specialist, qualified with the International School of Detoxification (Dr Morse nd) in Florida.

In 2013 I also established, and now help co-ordinate a healing Juice Retreat - 'The Cotswolds Juice Retreat'. We offer 6 night stays in high quality accommodation with daily fresh organic juices, Dr Morse herbs, Yoga with meditation, Pilates, Guided walks, Health talks, Detoxification Consultations and a range of wonderful relaxing treatments. Detoxification is our focus with an amazing team, many of whom are also trained with the International School of Detoxification.

Peter - Level 2 Detoxification Specialist and Iridologist (Available for Consultations)

I have been fascinated with uncovering our unlimited potential and raising our consciousness ever since I took a year off after school and did some extensive travelling back in the early 1980's. This has been my passion ever since and along the way I have learnt and taught, Shiatsu, Yoga and Meditation always in an informal and fun way. Over the years I have explored deeply with myself and others the connection between our mind, emotions and our body.
In the Spring of 2012 I came across Robert Morse ND on the internet and was so impressed by his understanding of raw foods, herbs in combination with Iridology to Detoxify and Regenerate the body I decided to study with him, graduating level I in Jan 2013 and level II in Nov 2014 as a certified Detoxification and Regeneration Specialist. It has been for me the missing piece of the puzzle to true Health and Wellness. I love to support others in their journey, having a particular passion for Iridology.

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Detoxification Consultation, Iridology and a 14 week Protocol with Peter Angel
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Iridology Session with Peter Angel
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30 Mins Question and Answers chat with Peter
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Personalised 14 Week Dr Morse Herb Protocol
Personalised 14 week Dr Morse Herb protocol A personalised Dr Morse herb 14 week protocol ..
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The Detox Miracle Sourcebook by Robert Morse nd
The Detox Miracle Sourcebook shows you how to cleanse your body of the poisons that are destroying y..
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Distance Healing with Marcel Hummel International Healer
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Energy Clearing and Emotional Detox with Louise Smart
Energy Clearing and Emotional Detox with Louise Smart. Louise's approach is holistic, comple..
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