Practitioner Affiliate Programme

What are the Affiliate Programme Terms?

When one of the clients you refer places an order, we pay 6% commission on the value of the order (before VAT or postage). If a client returns to Dr Morse Herbs UK and makes repeat orders we will also pay 6% on each re-order (up to 90 days).

Where you refer a client but you are not working with them (and therefore not preparing a herb protocol), the commission is limited to 3% (before VAT and postage).

Note: We do not pay commission where the referrals are previous customs of Dr Morse Herbs UK, or for practitioners personal orders.

Practitioners need to be a Level 1 Detoxification Specialist (as a minimum) with Dr Morse nd - Details here

How does the Affiliate Programme Work?

Once you have joined and have logged into your account, you will have a URL containing your specific tracking code. You pass this URL to your clients and they will access the site using your URL. Once your clients place an order the commission will be linked to your account, and you will receive an email confirming the amount of commission.

How will you be paid?

The commission will be paid by bank transfer(if you have a UK bank) or Paypal after the end of each month.

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