Herbs have been used to support and assist pregnancy since the beginning of time. The following can safely be taking prior to conceiving and while pregnant.

Prior to Conception

For anyone looking to become pregnant, we recommend focusing heavily on cleaning up your diet. Focus on keeping your diet as raw as possible, and as much fruit as possible. If you feel you need cooked foods, have some lightly steamed veggies. You will definitely want to avoid wheat, meat and dairy! Berries and melons are excellent nerve regenerators and lymph movers, and green drinks can be added as needed. Clean out as much as possible, and get everything strengthened as much as you can!

Using a minimum of two of the 14 week kits is highly recommended, the longer the better prior to conception! Female Reproductive formula is a great way to strengthen and tone the reproductive organs and prepare them for pregnancy and can be added to any protocol you're already working with! We recommend taking this formula until you plan to start trying to conceive, then stop a week or so before you actually begin trying. If you learn you're pregnant earlier than you anticipated, simply discontinue the formula once you find out you're pregnant.


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Once you have conceived, we have some wonderful formulas that are perfect for supporting a strong, healthy pregnancy. The top three recommend for anyone who is pregnant are the Kidneys and Bladder formulas, the Bone and Connective Tissue Support, and the Superfood formula (any of them). The kidney formula will help strengthen and support the kidneys and keep them filtering throughout pregnancy (to help you eliminate lymphatic waste), and the Bone and Connective Tissue Support will help strengthen the parathyroid gland. Virtually all problems "common" during pregnancy and breastfeeding (varicose veins, depression, bone/tooth/dental problems, sagging skin, etc.) go back to a weakened parathyroid gland—so during pregnancy we really need to help that gland as much as possible! The Superfood is very nutritionally dense and a great way to supplement our diets and ensure that both mom and baby receive the best possible nutrition. This can be especially helpful when you're experiencing nausea or suffering from lack of appetite!


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Endocrine Glands

The endocrine glands are the bosses (or controllers and regulators) of the cells, tissues and organs of the body. Genetically weakened tissue has been passed down from generation to generation, resulting in children coming into the world with levels of chronic and degenerative diseases which have never been seen before! So it is absolutely vital to lay a strong foundation and support healthy gland development and function.


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Pregnancy is a time to build up, so for the most part detoxification is not recommended and it is especially not a good idea the farther along you get. Instead of actively detoxing, use foods to clean your system! Focus on keeping your diet as raw as possible, and as much fruit as possible. If you feel you need cooked foods, have some lightly steamed veggies. You will definitely want to avoid wheat, meat and dairy!

You'll want to stay away from any of the Lymphatic "pullers," which includes all the Lymphatic System and Lymph Nodes formulas, as well as Heal All Tea and the Parasite M & G formulas. Instead, focus on astringent fruits to help break up and move the lymph in a more gentle way. Berries and melons are great detox foods as well as great for pregnancy, and green juices can be taken whenever you feel the need.

There are also some specific herbs that should not be used during pregnancy, for a list of these you can download our "Pregnancy and Herbs" handout.


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Bowel Formulas

When it comes to Bowel formulas, the reason they're not generally recommended during pregnancy is because they create pulling in the lower abdomen, which is not something you want to be artificially creating in late pregnancy! However, the Bowel #2 doesn't really have enough "pull" to illicit any concern, and when you have a tiny little body sitting on part of your colon constricting it, a light bowel formula can be a really helpful thing. Just be cautious about going higher with the Bowel formulas, always start as low as possible and increase gradually only if absolutely needed.

ReadFAQ's Choosing the correct Bowel Formulas


When it comes to breastfeeding many of the herbal contraindications are no longer a factor, since stimulating uterine contractions or creating a downward "pull" are no longer a concern. But remember…whatever mom eats, baby eats! And whatever mom does, baby does! So you still want to be focusing on strengthening and building up; once baby is weaned you can focus on detoxing deeply! You'll want to continue the herbal formulas listed for pregnancy, and continue to avoid those not recommended above, during this time.

Remember that the pituitary gland produces prolactin, the hormone responsible for making breast milk. So if breast milk production or supply is a problem, a pituitary weakness may need to be addressed.


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