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Thanks for all your help and great service, Peter has been a excellent addition to your business and has inspired myself to start Dr Morses accreditation courses it’s a wonderful journey been 100% fruit now since July 2018 heavily Detoxifying along with extensive dry fasting. My Tumours are shrinking and have lost over 5 stone of fat.

Never felt so energised in my life.


Just received my herbs. Brilliant service, I'm really impressed. I had a query about the delivery which was answered immediately, I was given plenty of information about the dispatch of the products and when they arrived they did so with lots of information about the herbs and how to take them. A great service, Thank you very much. Ill definitely be ordering more in the near future. Thanks again!! 


Dear Helen,

Thank you so much!

Also, many times I wished to write this to you but somehow always forgot.

I just would like to tell you how grateful I am for your wonderful service!!

I heard about you in Dr Morse Facebook Group, where everyone says in Europe this is the only place we must order from.

I took the advice and how happy I am for it!!

This is the 4th-5th time that I order from you and I can't appreacite enough your amazing help each and every time!

I will definitely suggest only your service in the Group, I actually did already!

Thank you once again for your kind help and great service!


I have received the products and would like to say thank you for great service and response. Amazing will sing praises to people who I believe will also benefit from dr morse herbs.

Thank you 

Thank you Helen

I can not express in words how grateful I am for your service.  These glycerin's seem to be the most important discovery I have made in my early life, I just hope I can transmit this knowledge to other people in today's society.

Thanks again. I am recommending European friends to buy from your online shop whenever the opportunity arises.


Dear Helen, I would love to thank you for such a quick and professional service. Everything came very quickly, packed nicely.


I would like to thank you for such a quick processing and delivery. I am also quite impressed how the instructions you provided are so clear. The quality of the herbs and supplement is really good.


Testimonial of being on Dr Morse herbs and a raw food diet:- "Lots of energy, General happiness, Ability to deal with high levels of stress (I have been job hunting and taking on projects, tests and diplomas at the same time, most of the year), Massive anti-aging (people guess 7-10 years down), Beauty marks slowly disappearing, Other skin marks disappearing, Warts disappearing same day they appear, Dried skin problem for which I used to use antihistamines solved during first 2 weeks, Clearer vision (much stronger than other years I have been practising), White mark on tooth falling and tooth rebuilding itself, Nipple skin cleared and turned from brown to pink, Body hair turning blond and disappearing, Scars disappearing, Cuts without bleeding, Injured finger (it was so bad, the nurse yelled at me for not getting stitches) – no pain, ability to feel tip and move finger, Painless, and much shorter periods, My doctor told me I have the “blood pressure of a teenager”, The lab called me to ask how come my blood is so alkaline, Breast injury that wouldn't heal is now hardly visible, Eye colour change - Less hazel, more blue, general brightness and clarity"


"I have been following Dr Robert Morse's work for over a year . I was so delighted to discover that I could get his products here in the UK. To date I've tried the kidney bladder and lymphatic capsules. I've additionally tried the kidney bladder tinicture and the super foods . I was so impressed by Helens swift response to my queries and the speedy delivery - such a professional and personalised service. Given what my health was like prior to using the herbal formulas, I can honestly say I'm on the road to wellville. My kidneys are filtering again and my energy is returning. If you do a quick search on some of the key ingredients in the formulas - you'll realise straight away that it's good value. I have run out of faith with the allopathic root . Taking charge of my health is crucial. It can be a financial drain at times- but ultimately you will profit from your efforts rather than big pharma! . I have whole heartedly recommended the juice retreat and doctor Morse  to call my friends and clients . Helen at the juice retreat is truly dedicated and helpful. I am very motivated to continue on my   healing journey using what nature has provided . I used to buy lots of herbal products online - some with great results. In truth though it didn't treat the issues . Using specially formulated formulas is proving to be the best road to healing."


"Hello Helen
All I can say is THANK YOU for introducing me to the dry fasting page (Masterfast Facebook page)! 
I hope to properly master fast one day but for now I'm doing 12-16 hour dry fasts and hope to go longer in the future, with high water content fruits and juice. 
I have kidney filtration AT LAST! 
My skin has exploded but I think this is just a healing crisis as I am getting lymph and sediment in my urine. 
Surprisingly I feel BETTER with more energy doing this than eating before! Mental!"


"Excellent herbs. Brain & Nerve II with Healthy Circulation (Upper) have helped me a lot."


"Thank you for your well packaged, speedy service each time I have ordered :)"


"These tonics are truly amazing i started getting sediment and strands of mucus in my urine on the forth day of taking them and now on the sixth day my blood pressure has dropped from 150/90 to 139/88. i'm looking forward to seeing how far the healing will go, Dr Morse is a God send."


"your herbs always arrived on time, there were never mistakes and you were so helpful with questions"


"Just to say thank you, my order arrived within 24 hours, what a great service! I am looking forward to seeing what results I get from taking the Glandulars now.

Its so good to know that they are readily available in the UK. Very Much Appreciated"

"I'm so grateful that you offer these amazing herbs in the UK. I haven't been able to use anything else as these are the only ones with the highest quality/purity. Thank you. Thank you!"

A Amot

"Wonderfull speedy delivery. Thanks for everything"


"Great quick delivery and 1st class support"

K Montery

"Great tea! Not only it is detoxifying( having some detox symptoms) but It is energising( feel more energy). I have also changed my diet to a vegan diet which is helping the detox in my body. I am glad I got it. Thanks Dr Morse and Thanks Helen who's been very helpful when I needed guidance."


"Just to say a massive thank you for once again swiftly sending me the superfood . I told my friend about it and he wanted it straight away! I will be ordering again in due course . If u have any cards with your details I'm happy to give them out to people."


"Goodmorning , just want to say thank you for the parcel , well packed and fast delivery , have a blessed weekend."


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