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Helen - Owner of Dr Morse Herbs UK and Level 2 Detoxification Specialist

I established Dr Morse Herbs UK in 2014 to make Dr Morse's Herbs, easily accessable to clients and customers in the UK and Europe.​ We ship all the herbs from Painswick in The Cotswolds, UK.

I have followed the wonderful Dr Morse on YouTube since 2009, and I am passionate about the benefits of detoxing, with raw food, fruits, vegtables, juices and herbs. In 2014 (and again in 2017) I went out to Florida to meet Dr Morse, and became a certified level 2 Detoxification Specialist.

In 2013 I established a residential Juice Retreat - 'The Cotswolds Juice Retreat'. My partner Gerald Deshais now co-ordinates these residential retreats which run for certain weeks of the year. We have an amazing team, many of whom are also trained with the International School of Detoxification. (No current retreats planned).

I now focus on running Dr Morse Herbs UK, and I'm happy to help with Practitioner Support queries by email at I don't currently offer full Detoxification Consultations, although you can book sessions with Peter, Alesha and Gerald at Dr Morse Practitioner Support


Peter Angel - Level 2 Detoxification Specialist and Iridologist

I have been fascinated with uncovering our unlimited potential and raising our consciousness ever since I took a year off after school and did some extensive travelling back in the early 1980's. This has been my passion ever since and along the way I have learnt and taught, Shiatsu, Yoga and Meditation always in an informal and fun way. Over the years I have explored deeply with myself and others the connection between our mind, emotions and our body.
In the Spring of 2012 I came across Robert Morse ND on the internet and was so impressed by his understanding of raw foods, herbs in combination with Iridology to Detoxify and Regenerate the body I decided to study with him, graduating level I in Jan 2013 and level II in Nov 2014 as a certified Detoxification and Regeneration Specialist. It has been for me the missing piece of the puzzle to true Health and Wellness.

I offer Practitioner Support by phone +44 (0)1452 260850 (Leave a message and I'll ring you back).

I also offer Detoxification Consultations, 14 week herb protocols and Iridology. You can book with me online at Dr Morse Practitioner Support.and contact me for consultation queries at


Alesha Keen - Detoxification Specialist and Intuitive

Health, healing and empowerment has been my passion for the last 30 years with a sincere heart felt desire to inspire others to go to the very core of their true being where their sacred wisdom resides. I love to create and hold a nurturing and safe environment, giving you the opportunity to awaken to a deeper truth, which allows healing and transformation to occur.

I am a naturally gifted intuitive, and I have explored, trained and studied in the fields of natural health, detoxification, vibrational medicine, mysticism, energy healing, eastern philosophy, meditation, neuroscience and the psychological fields of human potential. I am also Level 1 certified Detoxification Specialist with the International School of Detoxification (Dr Morse nd). I believe Health is a state of body and Wellness is a state of being. 

I offer Detoxification Consultations and Emotional Detoxification sessions. You can book with me online at Dr Morse Practitioner Support and contact me for consultation queries at


Gerald Deshais - Detoxification Specialist and Retreat Co-ordinator

I am a qualified Detoxification Specialist (level I and II) with the International School of Detoxification (Dr Morse nd). I am fluent in English and French, and I offer Detoxification Consultations in French. I also co-ordinate The Cotswolds Juice Retreat.

Having witnessed people’s ability to overcome physical and emotional difficulties, I deeply believe in our potential to change our life circumstances. Once we have a strong purpose, then change happens. Detoxifying and regenerating the body is a powerful means of bringing about transformation, which is why I became certified with Dr Morse in 2017. I am a Tai Chi Instructor and have trained in other healing modalities. All my training and life experiences have taught me to look beyond physical circumstances to find the path that best works for each of us.

I offer Detoxification Consultations in French. You can book with me online at Dr Morse Practitioner Support and contact me for consultation queries at


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