A relaxing juice cleanse in the Cotswolds


Our Retreat Cold Pressed Juicers

At our retreat we make our daily juice with cold pressed juicers. Cold pressed juicers operate at much lower speeds (45-80 RPM) keeping heat generation to a minimum. The gentle squeezing and crushing action retains the maximum amount of nutrients, energy and the juice lasts longer as the produce is not heated.

More traditional centrifugal juicers spin up to 30,000 revs per minute pumping air through the produce and causing premature oxidation. High temperatures are also reached with the high speed, causing enzymes and other nutrients to denature.


Hurom HH Series 2nd Edition

We use the Hurom HH Series 2nd Edition juicer at the retreat. With its improved design, it produces high quality cold pressed juices, preserving enzymes and nutrients. It also extracts more juice than earlier models and includes a number of practical features, such as a smaller footprint, a Juice Cap, and a Control Lever to improve filtering of fibres. The juicer also makes Ice Cream, Nut Butters, Nut Milks, Smoothies and Baby Food.The HH Series 2nd Edition juicer comes at a price of £349.

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Omega Vert 350HD

The Omega Vert has a similar capacity to the Hurom HH 2nd Edition juicer. It is a robust slow speed juicer, with a starting price of £299.

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This Retreat has been life changing for me. I arrived at the lovely house, with amazing energy! Helen and her team were incredibly caring supportive and very experienced in their professions....