A relaxing juice cleanse in the Cotswolds

Why Juice Detox?

why juice detoxThe benefits of replacing food with juice can be substantial, as the body has the chance to put its energy on cleansing rather than digesting and assimilating food. As soon as you start detoxing your body will be given the opportunity to start clearing out the toxins that have accumulated in the cells throughout the body, thus allowing weight loss. 

Toxins build up in the body from food, drink, prescription and recreational drugs, environmental pollutants, caffeine, alcohol, cosmetics, emotional stress, negative thoughts, suppressed emotions, and so much more. These toxins, if not removed, affect our energy level, can make us feel less energised and can cause illness.

The fresh juice made from organic fruit and vegetables also allows your body to be flooded with nutrients in an easily digestible form. We source all our organic produce through Glogal Organics in Stroud, who use local growers and source their produce responsibly. The herbs support the body in releasing toxins.

A 6-day juice detox retreat can be a great way of getting away from the stress of life and giving your body the chance to rest without the temptation of food. You will lose weight and feel so much healthier by the end of the 6 days. Detoxing can also start you on the journey of healing a wide range of conditions and transform your life.


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This Retreat has been life changing for me. I arrived at the lovely house, with amazing energy! Helen and her team were incredibly caring supportive and very experienced in their professions....