A relaxing juice cleanse in the Cotswolds


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Thank you for a wonderful experience. It has been totally life changing! Who knew the power of juice!

I feel absolutely fantastic, my skin is slowly getting clearer, my energy has increased and the detox symptoms have been manageable. I can walk a lot faster and not get out of breath quite so easily, and even my vision has improved! My thoughts have a lot more clarity, and my mood is also more stable.

Thank you to all the staff at The Cotswolds Juice Retreat for making my stay so smooth and easy.  Spending time with other like-minded people in the beautiful surroundings has been fantastic, very soul-enriching.

Anne, Essex, 2016


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A very restful and relaxing stay. The juices were filling and delicious. Yoga and Pilates classes were excellent and pitched at the right level for guests only having juices. Talks and raw food demo was very interesting and informative.

Penny, Lytham, 2016


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Beautiful surroundings, lovely people running the detox programme. We were left to do what we can manage with activities. The detox programme has shown great improvements in my health. I definitely recommend 'The Cotswolds Juice Retreat'.  We are hoping to visit again in the near future.

Marie, Graves, 2016


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Dr Robert Morse is an extraordinary, inspirational and passionate being and the moment I discovered him on YouTube, something clicked.   Was it luck, coincidence, guidance ...who knows?   The fact that I live in the Cotswold was the lucky part.  Coincidence that Helen was trained by Dr Morse in Florida means you are truly in the hands of an expert in this field. Helen has been on her own personal  journey to well-being, and is not only extremely knowledgeable and inspirational, but an encouraging example to us all. 

So I must have been guided to this charming house and its surrounding beauty. I loved the fact that even though I did the non-residential juicing retreat I met, chatted, laughed loads and shared the four daily juices with four really lovely people ; Christine, Clare, Eleanor and Helen.  

The Pilates and Yoga began first thing after our first juice of the day, prepared by Becky, who like Helen, looks amazingly fabulous and healthy.  Becky was also very keen to show everyone how easy it is to juice.  I’ve never juiced before,  but after only 3 days into the programme I’d ordered my very own juicer and 5 weeks later...well it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Friends are already complimenting me on the change.

The programme is very well organized, so if you like everything to be time-tabled, that’s available, however if you’re like me and you like to do your own thing, that’s ok too.  Everyone embraced the week to suit their individual needs. For me one of the many rewarding consultations was with Pete, the Iridologist, a truly insightful experience with a lovely guy and to my delight also trained by Dr Morse.  Another first was the colonic experience expertly handled by Sue: I felt this was a very beneficial treatment during my detox.  Nicki, the personal trainer, also gave me some excellent guidelines.   Finally, with all the collated information about me I had a personal consultation with Helen.   She explained in very easy terms, with diagrams, how the body consumes and eliminates food and the health issues we all experience from over consummation of certain harmful foods.  I now have a greater understanding of the benefits of detoxification, a system for curing and the importance of adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle.  

 It’s my 60th next year, however I’m also looking forward to celebrating my 70th, 80th and more with greater joy and aplomb.  And for that, I thank you Helen and your team of experts for your amazing insight and passion you share with us all at The Cotswold Juice Retreat.

Caz, The Cotswolds, 2015


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I would thoroughly recommend this juice fast. The house, garden and surrounding countryside are all beautiful. Helen was very helpful about tailoring the fast to meet my individual requirements. I was not hungry at all during the fast and feel that I made a significant improvement to my health, both mentally and physically.

Christine, Edinburgh, 2015


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This was a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing and energizing week! The house and setting is lovely, the juices tasty (and surprisingly satisfying) and Helen and her team of therapists are great. The massages & Pilates are particularity good.

The other ladies on the retreat were just fabulous and before long we were all like old friends. We plan to stay in touch to support each other moving forward. I really feel better than i have in years and I'm educated and empowered to make definite changes to my diet and lifestyle.

Claire, Hereford, 2015


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Most people come to a retreat looking for something, perhaps it's a spiritual or physical search or simply a time of peace and weight loss. At The Cotswolds Juice Retreat there is the chance to reflect and find the answers, in an environment that is as beautiful as it is beneficial. With the benefits of a re-energised body and calmed mind and a more 'alkaline' approach to life in general I will return home in a better place than when i arrived.

Eleanor, Market drayton, 2015



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I have recently discovered Dr Morse and his YouTube channel as I wanted to detox. To me he speaks common sense and has a wonderful healing energy. Searching for a detox centre that follows his teachings I came upon The Cotswold Juice Retreat and immediately felt it was the one for me. Helen is very knowledgeable approachable and kind. Before arriving I started on Dr Morse’ s herbs so I would get the best possible outcome. I wasn’t disappointed.

The house was really comfortable, like a home from home. Very cosy and inviting with a wonderful log fire which is what you need when you detox as you can feel chilly. The other participants were lovely too. I enjoyed treatments that were pampering and healing and have to say the therapists were excellent. All in all I would thoroughly recommend this retreat, and would say its one of the best I’ve ever been on.

Pam, Farnham, 2015


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What a special experience! The accommodation and location have been superb. I have felt like I've been on holiday with girlfriends! 
Every treatment I have had has been professional and total relaxing. I can recommend all of the massages, the facial, pedicure and reflexology.I leave here lighter in mind, body and spirit which is priceless.Well done Helen, I will be back;-)

Lesley, Norwich,  2015


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I've really enjoyed the healing environment and the kind, practical approach shown by Helen. It's a lovely place to take some time out to cleanse and reboot the system. Thanks to everyone for a very rewarding few days.

Alice, London 2015


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A wonderfully relaxed environment to detox. Helen and her team were fantastic. The house is beautiful with the bonus of a Hot Tub! You can do as much or as little as your like. Really pleased with the results. Thanks Helen for all your advice and knowledge.

Sasha, London, 2015


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Helen I have really enjoyed the 6 day juice retreat. The hospitality and the juices were spot on. It was really has helped me get healthy again and the talks were brilliant. I have now learned new skills and tried juices that I wouldn't have back home. The way you have the whole retreat set up is great. Fitness, Yoga and the treatments you arranged were very helpful. Thank you for this life changing experience!

Colm, Wicklow, Ireland


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Right from the beginning Helen was warm, welcoming, and open to all the guests making us feel at home and comfortable. Her knowledge, skill and passion for providing the help needed to each guest was delivered sensitively, with compassion and with an optimistic fun approach. The freedom to choose how much or how little to take part in was refreshing.

The additional treatments I tried were fascinating and helpful, and the coordinated approach to all aspects of health by Helen and the team was inspirational and allowed us to learn a great deal about ourselves, see patterns and linkages between the different aspects of health, and what we can do to make changes in the future.

I would not hesitate to recommend The Cotswolds Juice Retreat - a fabulous experience!

Theresa, Stroud


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My week at The Cotswolds Juice retreat has been quite life changing. I have been on detox retreats before but i have never felt as relaxed, positive and focused as here. I am going home feeling excited that I can continue this new healthy lifestyle and really start to enjoy it and not feel deprived of anything.

I didn't feel hungry at any point in the week and the week flew by. The juices were all delicious and by the end of the week I wasn't even drinking all 4 juices! The treatments were all super and very thorough. Helen was very approachable and knowledgeable - the fitness trainer Nicki was great and trained us all to our different levels - I will be coming back!

Ruth, Northwich


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In one simple word INSPIRING!

It is a learning journey and the retreat has been crucial for a firm first step. All the ladies Helen, Marianne, Kim, Nicki are wonderful and inspiring women, key to set up the basis of a new lifestyle and key for the success of the retreat.

I'd like to thank all of you for your stories, help and encouragement to achieve my goals. Really looking forward to seeing my progress from this new starting point. I'd for sure recommend this retreat, familiar, cozy, supportive and with very positive energy to anyone and really looking forward to come back if possible after my pregnancy! Lots of lovexxx

Manoli, Paris


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What a fantastic week! We've learnt so much about juicing and the benefits, Helen is very well informed and enthusiastic, which was good as we had so many questions. Nothing was too much trouble. Painswick is a beautiful village and the people friendly. There is so much to do and learn on the retreat, we are grateful for this information and will implement it into our daily lives. The raw vegan food was exceptional. Highly recommended !!!!!

Jan & Mandy, Brighton


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I attended the Cotswolds Juice Retreat during August and it truly was life changing for me. I arrived tired, unable to concentrate and generally feeling exhausted. The first couple of days were hard, no coffee is a big one for me but by day 3 the fog that I had been living with for the last few months began to clear. I felt motivated and focused and excited to be feeling so good. Helen and her team of experienced therapists are amazing. I feel very lucky to have experienced such an amazing week and have arrived home with so much energy and enthusiasm. Thank you Helen I now feel like me again. It goes without saying that I would absolutely recommend this retreat to everyone.

Lisa, Chester


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I arrived feeling tired. I left feeling inspired. I was also 7lb lighter!

During the retreat I relaxed and detoxed in a supportive, friendly environment. Helen is a passionate advocate of a healthy diet, of which juicing is a key part, so she and Becky served us 4 tasty juices each day. Surprisingly, for me anyway, whilst I missed some of my favourite foods, I was not hungry all the time which I had worried I would be.  

There were 6 other guests, and we were soon chatting and supporting each other. Whilst we could join in a group, we also had time and space to be on our own, and the accommodation was comfortable with lovely views across the valley.  

To treat myself I had booked a few treatments, these all helped me detox and relax, including a facial, reflexology, colonic irrigation and lynphatic drainage.  The latter two were new to me, I found them very valuable and would recommend them.   The yoga / relaxation /  fitness sessions were great for helping us detox and relax, as well as creating some funnier moments.  The use of the Spa was very welcome too. 

I feel so much more energetic than I did at the beginning of the retreat, and the weight loss was very welcome too.  I am going to continue eating more fruit and vegetables, and I know that with juicing as part of my diet I have found a way to help me achieve a healthier future.

I thank Helen and her team for all their support, and would recommend this juicing retreat to anyone who wants a relaxing break as well as a opportunity to enhance their health. 

Liz, Leamington Spa


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I've had a fantastic time at the retreat. A great place to stay, great surroundings, everything was laid on for us and I met some lovely people. I came to lose weight, but I've done a whole lot more than that. I've lost over half a stone and learnt about the positive effects juicing can have on the body. I've also learnt about how damaging meat and dairy can be. Everybody I met was fabulous, the yoga teachers, the exercise trainer, the therapists. The spa was an added extra where I spent 3 lovely half days exercising, having massages and using the spa with steam room, sauna, pool and jacuzzi. I couldn't have chosen a better group to spend a week with or a better retreat. Thank you Helen and All!

Julie, West Wickham


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What a wonderful experience in a stunning location. I feel cleansed, rejuvenated and I've learnt so much. I would definitely recommend this retreat.


Suzanne, Bristol


Testimonial quoteI have spent 6 incredible days at the Cotswolds Juice Retreat learning so much about myself, my body and the world surrounding us.

The location is breathtaking and full of energy. Helen's team is incredible. From the yoga classes to the treatments I have enjoyed every moment.

Helen is so passionate about juicing and her passion is contagious. She's always available for everybody and always gives the perfect advice.

The retreat has been a life changing event for me and I'm looking forward to go again soon.

Mara, London


testimonial quoteI had an amazing time on this retreat. The juicing gave me loads of energy, as did the daily yoga and walks in the amazing Cotswolds countryside. Helen was an amazing host and was a great support throughout the week. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone needing a break and a recharge!

Chris, Dublin



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Just got back from a fantastic week in the Cotswolds – I’m feeling refreshed, full of energy and raring to go with life in general. Having been on several detox retreats before, I really enjoyed the small group (there were 4 of us) as it was far more intimate and we were able to bond more deeply.  The house is in a lovely location – guided walks or yoga were included, but there was no pressure to participate. The variety of juices was also good and plentiful and no-one in the group felt hungry at any point. Helen is very knowledgeable and passionate about juicing and living a healthy lifestyle in general and her enthusiasm was infectious. She was also very flexible and more than happy to adjust the schedule/juices to fit in with our wishes. There was also a good range of treatments available from local therapists for that extra bit of pampering. Finally, if getting away to recharge my life and shift my awareness back to my overall health wasn’t enough, I also lost ½ a stone in the process.

Sarajayne, Jersey


This Retreat has been life changing for me. I arrived at the lovely house, with amazing energy! I was in a terrible emotional state, and exhausted. After day 2, I became clearer and by day 5, I felt rested full of energy and ready to go. Helen and her team were incredibly caring supportive and very experienced in there professions. The guests have now became friends. But Helen is the person you want to know forever. She is the most generous kind caring and wonderful person, to share this experience with. Nothing is a problem or too much for her to handle. Her energy and knowledge is impeccable. Please add this retreat to your Bucket List!

Bobbi, Surrey


I went to the Cotswolds juice in April with a friend. I had always wanted to try a proper Detox but found it hard to do at home. So when i saw the retreat on line i signed up straight away, The retreat was set in the most amazing settings in beautiful 3 bed cottage on the grounds on a big farm house. Helen the lady who runs the retreat very welcoming and helpful with lots of advise and support, The days could be as busy or relaxed as you wished with lots of walking, gym,yoga treatments of all kinds or just chilling in the cottage, I found it was not as hard as i thought it would be as all the guests were all in the same boat. After the 6 days I felt amazing, fresh lively healthy no longer bloated and i had lost 10 pounds in weight. My skin was fresh glowing and just felt amazing. I would recommend the retreat to any body of all shapes sizes if to lose weight or just detox. One of my best experience i have done and would definitely go again.

Alison, London


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Spent 6 days at the Cotswold Juice Retreat - it was truly amazing in every way lovely cottage lovely people and great results in my mind and body - has changed my life forever - would i do it again - yes most definitely 10/10

Dee, Leighton Buzzard



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Testimonial quote

This Retreat has been life changing for me. I arrived at the lovely house, with amazing energy! Helen and her team were incredibly caring supportive and very experienced in their professions.... 



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